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How to grow your studio on Instagram

Struggling to secure clients and build awareness of your newly-fledged animation studio? Instagram can help.

After you’ve founded the animation studio of your dreams, a lack of response can leave you feeling defeated. Luckily, there are solutions. To make your studio successful, building virtual awareness of your brand is an essential first step. This article breaks down why Instagram should be your main port of call, and how to grow your studio on Instagram.

Why Instagram?

Instagram and animators are a perfect marketing match. Instagram is a visual platform, which gives visually driven animators a competitive advantage. If you already know how to produce good-looking animations, you’ll know how to apply those same design strategies to your Instagram content. According to Instagram’s statistics, 81% of users research products and businesses using the platform. Before you get posting, it’s worth knowing a bit about what drives Instagram as a platform…

Understanding the Instagram algorithm

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As you find new ways to promote your studio on Instagram, it’s important that you understand the Instagram algorithm. The algorithm can leave many creators baffled with its frequent updates. Here are the four factors you should be aware of as you promote your animation studio in 2021:


Instagram will suggest your business to other users based on their interests. Making it clear what your studio stands for will help Instagram find you your target audience.

Frequency of engagement

If you only check your studio’s Instagram account once a week, you’re seriously limiting your potential growth. Regularly updating and engaging with your followers will promote your posts and make them a higher priority in the algorithm.


The algorithm promotes content according to the relationship you create with other users. Do you regularly comment on relevant posts by other users? DM other animators or content creators? Like and save posts? Creating a strong network will make sure your posts reach the users you want.

Length of engagement

How long you spend on Instagram also affects the content you’ll see. Users who spend less time on Instagram will view less content and grow less. You don’t have to devote hours a day on building your profile but taking the time to engage will help your Instagram presence grow.

1. Consistency

When building your Instagram presence, consistency is king. Posting regularly will grow your follower count at a much faster rate than posting sporadically. This is where having a post-scheduling app can come in handy. Here are some of our favourites:

How do I know when post?

To see when your followers are most active, go to Insightsà Your Audience, then select ‘Last 30 days.’ You’ll be able to see when your followers are most active and schedule your posts accordingly.

2. Engagement

Another way to watch your account grow is to build a network. As a business, you should be engaging with other’s posts, including large accounts, and smaller, up-and-coming pages. Building a business relationship with the accounts related to your animation studio will make sure you’re being marketed to the right people. Eventually, this strategy could help you find clients and new animators to take on.

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3. Variety

In August 2020, Instagram introduced the Reels feature. The Reels feature allows users to create a 15 second video, set to audio of their choice. Reels are a great choice of post because they mean your followers will spend longer engaging with your account than a single post.

IGTV, which allows you to post long-form videos, is another good choice when it comes to keeping your followers engaged. For posts, try the ‘Carousel’ option, which will keep your followers engaged as they read multiple slides.

4. Use hashtags

Hashtags are another step in creating a network of connections from your account. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 per post, but choose wisely. Make sure your hashtag selection is relevant, active, and a mixture of popular and brand-specific tags.

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5. Focus your content

When one of your followers go to your profile, they should be able to see a grid that reflects your brand. A variety of posts is important for keeping your followers engaged: insider tips, behind the scenes and examples of your work are all good starting points. Make sure that each post is tailored to fit your follower’s needs, and plan ahead to keep your posts cohesive.

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