"Start an animation studio,

...build a decent income,

...have creative control,

...& build work/life flexibility"


Start A Studio - Animation Studio Startup Course


2021 - Gold Award Winner - Online Video Production Training

Taking the leap to start your own animation studio can be bloody scary.

Nerves about giving up job security and making a success of it are natural. BUT... the benefits can be huge. These include discovering creative freedom to focus on projects and animation techniques that interest you. Whilst removing any income ceiling (6+ figures) and still earn an income whilst on holiday.  Create the sort of studio enviroment you'd love to work at. This brings a far better work life balance, job satisfaction & actual job security. 

The process of setting up a studio, marketing, pitching, managing projects, building a cool creative team, dealing with clients, writing contracts and working out budgets and balancing cash flow is all possible.

With a viable business plan and some business insight, you can finally take the leap and start your own animation studio.

I've learnt A LOT over the years since founding my own animation studio back in 2013. Plus I've tested ideas and learnt from both good and bad business decisions. The effort paid off and Stormy Studio has been successful and continues to thrive as an award-winning animation studio today.

It's really cool to be able to condense and share what I've learnt via a 2-3 hour Start A Studio course, and provide a customisable studio business plan template. Along with a few other useful bits and pieces.

Jon Draper - Founder 'Stormy Studio' Animation Studio

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The Start A Studio course is a fantastic solution for anyone looking to set up an animation studio. Whether you're just getting started or already established, the course has all you need to set yourself up for the future and thrive.

The course goes above and beyond, with its ever-updating lessons, online community and useful resources- it's the perfect match of business strategy and personal attention. I would recommend the course to anyone looking to run their own animation studio.

Liam GILBEY - Founder 'CUT THE MUSTARD' Animation Studio

Animation Studio Business Plan Startup

We've developed our animation niche, have cool clients & projects with a small talented team and the skills to pitch, win and produce creative projects effectively.

I share our animation studios approach to business in this Start A Studio course. That can be applied to any style and area of animation production.

Jon Draper - Founder 'Stormy Studio'

How to start my own Animation Studio

Masterclass Course Founders Clients Include

Business Animation
Animated Logo
Pharma Animation
Charity Animation
Internet Animation

Who uses the Studio Startup Course

Animation Students

Looking to gain insight into animation studio budgets & how to win client work, for future studio ambitions.


When the time has come to expand to a studio setup. With a team, bigger projects, budgets & security.

Studio Owners

Searching for new ways to improve their business and market the studio to more clients around the world.


Looking for effective ways to learn & kickstart their own animation studio. A very exciting challenge.

Employed Animators

Thinking about handing in their notice, using their creative skills and passion to set up a studio of their own.


Excited by the potential of  building a team. Producing client projects and bringing their creative ideas to life.

What's included in the masterclass?

7 Modules (43 videos)
2+ hours of course content, filmed at our studio to go through at your own pace.

Online Community
Facebook Group to chat & network

It's Business Time
Animation studio business plan template to tailor to your aims during the course.

Call for help!
Any questions about your studio plans or problems. I'm happy to hop on zoom.

Animation Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If it's not for you for what ever reason, just hola!

7 Module Video Curriculum

Bonus Content

  • Ultimate animation studio startup checklist PDF

  • Enquiry response email templates (that convert)

  • Ballpark budget conversation prompts

  • Contract templates

  • Studio review request PDF template

  • 6-months support • Any studio startup questions?

Curriculum - Studio space vs remote working
Start An animation Studio

I've been running a video production company for the last 5 years but I always wanted to improve things, so I bought this course.

I was surprised to see the value inside it given by Jon. It's like you are getting years of experience in just a few hours!

The course is very useful for whoever wants to start their explainer video studios. It has enough resources and advice to run the studios too!

I'd highly recommend it!


Start My Own animation Studio


Who is the course for?
To make the most of the course, we'd recommend it for animators just graduating or with a few years of experience working in the industry. Either in a full-time role or as a freelancer.

The content would also help you build a good freelance career.

What animation style is this for?

Any and all styles are fine. Stop motion, traditional & digital 2D, 3D etc. It's much more focused on the business side than a specific production skillset.

Will my studio be a success?
The course is designed to help with building a long lasting creative business. It is not a get rich quick scheme. Like any new business, success will take lots of work but should be alot of fun.

We want everyone to succeed and build studios that enable you (and your staff) to achieve a good work-life balance, superb reputation and earn a good living.

Does location matter?
Even though we run a UK studio ourselves, the course is designed, so it will help you where ever you are in the world. (*60% of our own animation studio clients are in the US).

We'll refer to the UK, US and India in the course to help keep it global yet concise.

Ready to start your animation studio?

7 Modules (43 videos)
2+ hours of course content, filmed at our studio. Work through at your own pace.

Facebook Group to chat & network

Business Plan
Animation studio business plan template to tailor to your aims during the course.

Call for help!
Any questions about your studio plans or problems. I'm happy to hop on zoom




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Animation Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If it's not for you for what ever reason, just hola!

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Thanks for taking the time to checkout all the above.

I love all things animation, both the production and business side and always happy to chat, when I can.

If during or after the course you have some questions about running your own studio. Just email or message via the course platform and we can chat via email, or hop on a zoom call.... Like a really informal adhoc studio consultant.

Have an awesome day!!