About StartAStudio.com

Thanks for your interest in Start A Studio, an online platform that has grown out of the idea of helping animators and creatives build careers and eventually start animation studios of their own.

We'll look at some of the early steps that lead to the website's founding as well as the Youtube channel, animation community and award-winning online courses.

Where the idea began...

Where it began.. a little Youtube Channel

Jon Draper, the founder of UK animation studio 'Stormy Studio', initally setup a Youtube channel as a place to showcase the studios work. Initially simply uploading a few studio showreels and animation/film R&D projects.

However in 2017, he shot and shared a series of videos providing some helpful information on how to get animation industry experience and info on how to build an animation studio or successful freelance career. Over the coming years these videos received a good number of views (circa 24k on some of them at the time of writing), with lots of viewer engagement. This sowed the seeds for producing a course or something more involved to help aspiring animators and studio owners thrive.

Cut to 2020, the pandemic and a time for pondering. In the autumn Jon, freed up his calendar and focused on StartAStudio.com for a solid month creating it's first course. Plus rebranding the Youtube channel and filming more free content with a renewed focus to helping creatives thrive. View it here.