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Creative Animators Business Notebook Notes Enquiry

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The handy notebook for animation enquiries & briefs

It's a small, smart book... for taking animation enquiry notes. You'll benefit from quick sales tips, prompts and checkboxes to help ensure you ask the right questions.

With 100 pages for notes and scribbles.

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Simple effective animation enquiry notebook

It's not rocket science, but it is a very helpful notebook to help you take great notes when dealing with animation enquiries and client meetings.

Handy notebook for enquiry meetings & calls

Small enough to fit in the trendiest of satchels.

Textboxes for the important bits

Contact Details, Budget, Deadline

Storyboard Frames

Brainstorm some quick visual ideas

Checklists for taking the typical key details

Animation Length - Style - Deliverables

Lots of space for bespoke notes

Jot down details unique to the project

Above all, it's a trusty notebook

It does what it says on tin or cover

We didn't stumble into crafting this handy animators business enquiry notebook by accident. Over the years of working freelance and growing a successful animation studio. We've developed a succinct way of taking quick hand written notes. It's a simple yet effective tool to get key details down, ask the right questions and help us covert animation enquiries into creative paid projects. 


Creative Animators Business Notebook

Tips and questions to help you find an effective animation sales mindset.

2 pages of tips and service questions
Animation Notebook

Quick tick boxes to speed through key animation enquiry details.

1 page of tickbox options per enquiry section
Animators notebook

Meeting prompts to remind you to ask the important project questions.

6 quick glance animation enquiry prompts
Cartoon notebook

Trusty old lined pages for each enquiry to capture those unique animation project notes.

3 Pages of lines per enquiry section
Freelance business notebook

Storyboard frames for quick creative discussions and idea development.

2 Pages of storyboard boxes per enquiry section
Creative Animators Business Notebook

The Creative Animators Business Notebook

Tick, write and doodle your way to animation business success.

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Creative Animators Business Notebook Notes Enquiry

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